DailyDevotion Sat. 11/2/2017

 DailyDevotion Sat. 11/2/2017

LESSON 11                               12/2/2017


Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 33, 35

Devotional Reading: Lk 12:35-40

Topic for Adults: Be Ready At All Times        

Topic for Youths: Never Run Out Of God’s Grace     

Topic for Intermediates: Will You Be Ready?           

Scripture Reading: Matt. 25: 1-13

Memory Verse:           Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of man is coming. Matt. 25:13 [KJV]


Sat. 11/2/2017

Keep Your Lamp Burning

Lk. 12: 35-40

In Christ’s teaching on the level of preparation and alertness that is required of believers, another dimension is added to it in today’s passage. Jesus said believers are to get ready, like a solder on guard, with their lamps burning so that they can welcome the bridegroom whenever he comes. Lamps often give direction and clarity which is why David referred to God’s word as his lamp. Indeed the word of God is a lamp and a light that shows the path, exposes the works of darkness, and darkness cannot overcome it (Ps. 119:105; Jn. 1:5). Also, lamp is used as a symbolism of the Holy Spirit who searches the heart of believers and acts as a witness in their lives as well. Any life whose lamp has been put off or a church whose candle stick has been removed, like some scholars believed happened to the church at Ephesus when they refused to hid Christ’s warning, is a church that has lost the witness of the Holy Spirit. Such a church will only become a mere social gathering over which the Holy Spirit had written the word ‘Ichabod’. Don’t allow anything or anyone to stuff out your lamp; you must keep it burning. If you do, you won’t grope in darkness.

Point of Emphasis: The word of God is a lamp which you must treasure, memorize and keep aglow in your heart.

Prayer Point: Give me oil in my lamp and keep me burning o Lord!


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