TEXTS: Jer. 31: 2, Acts 26: 22



The journey of life is a great one. It is a great race that is full of risks. It is a race of destiny. It is full of manifold challenges and unending warfare of different kinds. It is an earthly journey that ushers one into eternity; either in hell or heaven. That makes it either a great or a terrible journey.

            Marvelous help is available and obtainable for every soul. Anyone who is marvelously helped will become very successful, impactful, powerful and useful. He can never become a generation of tail. Divine help makes anyone a generation of head. Truly, one needs the help of God in this world of manifold evils and challenges. Anyone can become a living wonder in any age, if he is marvelously helped. And anyone too, can become a living reproach and a living wanderer in any age if he does not enjoy marvelous help. Concerning king Asa, the Bible writes, “His name spread far and wide, for the Lord gave him marvelous help and he became very powerful (2 Chro. 26:15, NLT). The Living Letters Version put it this way, “so he became very famous, for the Lord helped him wonderfully till he was powerful (TAY). God can also help you wonderfully, till you will become very powerful too.

So, in the journey of life, your life ends where help ends. Apostle Paul writes, “Having therefore obtained the help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing unto small and great’’ (Acts 26:22) The Knox version puts it this way “But thanks to God’s help, I still stand here today, bearing my witness’’ It was the help of God that made Apostle Paul to stand thick, tall, magnetic and weighty all through. Sincerely, he obtained the help of God that was timely, adequate and total. Similarly, every person on the journey of life needs the help of God that is adequately and timely. And failures to enjoy this kind of divine help; makes one vulnerable and defenseless. You will lack the necessary push. Your speed in life will be hampered. Your progress will be arrested and impaired. You will fail easily and fall badly. You may die cheaply and prematurely. You may even experience the sunset of your destiny.

Beloved, you need help. You can never out grow help. You need people in your life journey. There are people that need you also in their life journey. You are created to need and give help. You cannot travel the journey of life alone. You will always need people and God at every stage of your life. Yes, you need marvelous helpers in your life journey. These are useful,  helpful, trustworthy, and dependable people. They are destiny boosters, promoters and defenders. They are the people that are very crucial to your destiny. They may be ordinary people planted on your path way by God to render unusual and uncommon help. They are capable, committed, concerned covenants helpers. They are people that will inspire and increase you. They are the people that encourage you and stir you up positively. They are the people that help to release the giant in you or restrain you from doing wrong. They are the people that provoke you  to face life challenges boldly. Truly, in your life journey, you will always need this divine helper. The ever present Helper is the only ONE that can always be with you 24/7. He is able and available helper. He is a loving helper; powerful helper, oh what a precious helper; providing perpetual helper. He is the only one that can give you adequate and timely help in your life journey!


  1. Almighty God, help me to obtain and enjoy Your help all through my life’s journey here on earth.
  2. O Lord, cause me to enjoy Your timely and adequate help in every challenge that comes across my way in the journey of life.
  3. O Lord, make me to be very successful, impactful, powerful and useful through Your marvelous help.
  4. O Lord, make me a generation of head and living wonder by Your divine help and intervention in my life.
  5. Mighty and merciful God, help me to become very powerful and unbeatable in the race of destiny.
  6. O Lord, in my life journey, cause me to experience Your help that will make me to stand very thick, tall, weighty, wanted and magnetic against all odds!
  7. O Lord, help me never to become helpless and defenseless in the days of trouble. Be thou my strength and power.
  8. O Lord, don’t allow me to travel alone in the journey of life, surround me with the right and real people, helpful and dependable.
  9. O Lord, surround me with capable, committed, concerned, and connected helpers.
  10. O Lord, by Your divine arrangement, plant people that will inspire and encourage me along my pathway in life.
  11. O Lord, cause me to meet the right people that will help to awake the giant in me and also restrain me from going the wrong way or doing wrong.
  12. O Lord, help me to enjoy Your help every day of my life.

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