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24/4/2016   LESSON   8



Unit 3 – Portraits Of The Kings Of Divided Kingdom (Lessons 5-12)

Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 27, 2427

Devotional Reading: ROMANS 12:1-3

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Topic For Youths


Topic For Intermediates


Scripture Lesson

1 KGS. 9:1-7; 2 KGS. 9:16, 21-27; 10:12-14




However, Jehu did not turn away from the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who had made Israel sin, that is, from the golden calves that were at Bethel and Dan (2 Kgs. 10:29) NKJV



Sun. 24/4/2016

What Will Be Your Epitaph?

Judges 8:22-27

Gideon was a man full of fear, timidity and low self-esteem before he was chosen by God to lead Israel to fight against their enemies. Because of the power vested in Gideon and words of encouragement with clear miracles by God, he was able to achieve a lot for the children of Israel during his life time (Chapters 7-8). However, towards the end of his life, despite his confession to the children of Israel, the divine authority and rule of God, he fell into apostasy by engraving and erecting golden images which he worshiped and also influenced the children of God to worship. He went back to the worship of what he had destroyed before. He, like a dog, returned to his vomit. The Bible says that he who thinks that he stands should be careful so as not to fall. We need to examine our lives, hearts and actions daily and quickly retrace our steps immediately we see that we have drifted away from His word and from the purpose of our calling. We all have the mandate of God to bring others to Christ. We need to rid ourselves from all hindrances that will hamper our faithful performances and also depend on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Point of Emphasis:   Charisma with divine approval will give us victorious and happy ending.

Prayer Point:            O Lord, don’t let me fail myself and disappoint You. Grant me the grace to run my race faithfully, truthfully, cautiously so that I can end well.



Jehu was expected to cause transformation in his own era. With the anointing he
received, he was to make the people change from bad to good but because of his
recklessness and overzealousness, he failed. For us to be good Christians indeed, we need to develop a Christ-like spirit of love and humility. Our confidence should be only in the Lord.




Jehu was anointed king over Israel. At this time, Joram, the son of Ahab also was the King of Israel by the Lord’s special choice. He was commanded to destroy the house of Ahab, and as far as he acted in obedience to God and upon right principles, he had no fear of failure or opposition. His mission was to carry out divine sentence against the family of Ahab. Though Israel had abandoned God, God had not abandoned Israel. He still had the right to intervene in their affairs. He would appoint and allow kings as He chose, either to bless an obedient nation, or to curse the disobedient people. God intended to use Jehu as a tool of judgment against the royal house of Ahab.


PART 2: JEHU’S RESPONSE (2 KGS. 9:16, 21-27)

Immediately after his anointing and gaining support and approval of his new leadership role from his fellow combats, Jehu set out to carry out the divine injunction. He saw himself as a fulfiller of God’s will in bringing judgment on the house of Ahab. Joram asked for peace but he was denied. The way of sin can never be the way of peace – Isaiah 57:21. Ahaziah got killed because he formed an alliance with the house of Ahab. It is dangerous to join hands with evildoers, because one may be entangled in guilt and misery in the process. In 2 Kings 10:30, God commended Jehu for carrying out His instructions, wiping out the whole lineage of Ahab and he was accorded the privilege of having the throne of Israel as a King to his fourth generation.


PART 3: JEHU’S PITFALLS (2 KGS. 10:12-14)

He went too far in killing Ahaziah’s forty-two brothers. His job description was to kill Ahab’s royal family, maybe he was afraid the brothers might have sympathy for their slain brother and plan a coup d’état against him. 2 Kings 10:16 records how Jehu was deceived with self-confidence. He thought he could achieve such great victory by his own power and knowledge. He failed to seek God’s guidance on how to execute the great Job he was given. He had a type of zeal without knowledge. 2 Kings 10:18-29: Although Jehu eliminated every form of idolatry (2 Kgs. 10:18-29), particularly Baal worship, he allowed and continued to worship the golden calves Jeroboam had set up (2 Kgs.12:28-30; 1 Kgs.13:33-44). His religion and characters were all in activity but his heart was not changed. He was reckless, leading to overzealousness which invariably caused his downfall. God may use us for his purpose but He does not approve all that we do. For example, Saul’s persecution of the church helped to spread the gospel but his persecution was not acceptable to God. (Acts 8:1, 4, 9: 3-6).



Jehu had the basic qualities that would have made him a success. He came close to becoming God’s kind of king, but he recklessly went beyond God’s command and failed to follow through on the obedient actions that began his reign. Within the sight of victory, Jehu settled for mediocrity.



  1. Briefly explain how God called and commissioned Jehu.
  2. What specific assignments did God give Jehu?
  3. What reforms did he carry out?
  4. What are the pitfalls of Jehu?
  5. In what ways are we like Jehu in our Christian roles in the world today?





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