#VictoryMonth DAY 17: Wednesday, 18th January 2017

 #VictoryMonth DAY 17: Wednesday, 18th January 2017

DAY 17: Wednesday, 18th January 2017


TextS:  Lk. 1:52. Gen. 26:12-13.



Human life was designed to begin from a low status and develop to a bigger size. This is supposed to be so not only in the natural, but also in the intellectual and more importantly, in spiritual lives. Each passing day of our lives is supposed add increment to us and make us bigger. It is anomaly to accumulate days upon days and years upon years on earth; without something to show for it in terms of progress and growth.

Looking back at your life in the last three, five or ten years; What are increments or additions of goodness do you have? If there is none, you need to know that something is wrong somewhere.

Specific mention was made of  growth in the different aspects of Jesus’ life. He grew in wisdom, in stature, in favour with God (spiritually) and with men (socially). It is your growth that pleases God, not your stagnancy. You must grow, you must move forward and you must increase in value and volume. In Isaiah 54:2, God commanded His people to enlarge the tent of their coast. We would remember that last year (2016) was the year of enlargement in GOFAMINT. This is to show us that we must grow and increase in leaps and bounds. Though the year has ended, our enlargement is a continuous process. As individuals, we must grow, as families, we must enlarge and as a church; we must be increasing numerically and spiritually.

Some Christians erroneously believe that to be humble is to be a nonentity, no. You can be valuable and be humble. For your information, humility and humiliation are not the same. Also, spirituality and poverty should not be mistaken for each other. You can be spiritual and be prosperous.

Let us realize that our size determines our strength, our strength determines our ability, our ability determines our actions, our actions determines our achievements! We have a lot of works to do for God. It is our abilities which are determined by our sizes that determine what we can and cannot do for God. The increment and enlargement in the different parts of our lives determine the size of our contributions towards the work of the kingdom. For instance, if a person earns $10,000 as wages, as a Christian he would be expected to pay $1,000 as tithe, whereas another person who earns $1,000 could only pay $100 as tithe. Is there no difference in that? Let there be a difference in your life that you may make a difference in the kingdom and in the church.

We need to grow, we need to increase, we need to enlarge!


  1. Thank You dear Lord for my present level of attainment in life and for helping me to attain this present status. Not everybody on earth has what I have. I am what I am today, only by Your grace.
  2. Thank You for what I am and everything that I have for life up keep, growth and development.
  3. Thank You, because You will perfect the good works You started in my life.
  4. By Your grace, connect me with Yourself in a new way and let Your fullness fill my life and make me bigger and better in Jesus name.
  5. Every instrument of limitation and stagnation; be destroyed in my life in Jesus name.
  6. From today, every dawn day of my life shall minister seed of grace for growth into my life in Jesus name.
  7. I must grow, I receive the grace to grow and glow in glory in Jesus name.
  8. As I increase in days and years, so shall I increase in all good things of life in Jesus name.
  9. All potential elements in my life that have not attained maximum growth, receive life and continue to grow to greatness in Jesus name.
  10. Grace to grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding, grant it to me in Jesus name.
  11. I receive the grace to grow in the knowledge of God in Jesus name.
  12. Grace to know God and the power of His resurrection, I receive it in Jesus name.
  13. We speak increase and growth upon the wares, shops and businesses of all GOFAMINT members in Jesus name.
  14. We receive the grace for fruitfulness in all ramifications in Jesus name.
  15. We receive the grace to sow seeds bountifully; for unprecedented harvest in Jesus name.
  16. We command increase on our finances individually and collectively in GOFAMINT in Jesus name. Let our incomes increase in multiple portions.
  17. We request and receive multiple portions of anointing for exploits in Jesus name.
  18. We decree the increase of GOFAMINT members in all assemblies in Jesus name.
  19. Make me bigger in value everyday of my life in Jesus name.
  20. Keep me growing, in everyday of my life until I transit into glory oh Lord.


GOFAMINT Australia