#VictoryMonth DAY 5: FRIDAY, 6TH JANUARY 2017

 #VictoryMonth DAY 5:  FRIDAY, 6TH JANUARY 2017



TEXTS; Acts 4:33, Exo. 14:13-14, Psalm 44:1-3



Every believer wants to Go Forward in life. In life; you have two options: Going forward or moving backward. However, your best option is Going forward. Our God is God of Progress. He wants His children to be progressively, successful, As a matter of fact, progress is a necessary condition for healthy life. Thus, life cannot be healthy and meaningful, if you are not going forward. The big question then is, is your life is going forward or backward? In what areas of your life are really going forward or backward?

The word ‘Go Forward’ comes from story of Natural progress through Grace. It is one of the Supernatural progresses made possible through the manifold grace of God enjoyed by children of Israel. Reading Psalm 44;3 underscores this point “For they got not the land of (Canaan) in possession by their sword, neither did their own arm save them; but Your right hand and Your arm and the light of Your countenance (did it), because You were favourable toward and did delight in them’’.(AMP). Truly, the children of Israel went forward from the Red Sea to the Promised Land because of the undeserved favour and help of God. According to NET Bible. They got there by God‘s power, strength and good favour’’ This clearly demonstrates that Great Grace is the key to marvellous success, great success, sweatless achievement and super victories in life.

We need Great Grace to Go Forward. And to go forward means, Make progress, Advance against all odds, push through all the barriers. The door of opportunity will not open unless you push it. Removing yourself from whatever is holding you down. Not allowing anything or anyone to hold you back. Not allowing past failure to weigh you down. Refuse to be stagnant. Go after what you want, don’t sit back and take what comes. However, the command to Go forward is not primarily for the sinners. It has been said that “sinner is in the wrong path far enough already from God and heaven”. The best option for the sinner is to turn from his evil ways and live. Similarly, don’t even make advance on the wrong path that, you have chosen through your own ignorance, prayerlessness, stubbornness, foolishness and sin. It is dangerous to do so. It is a common saying that many people are advancing on the wrong path with speed and excitement. Are you one of them?

You need Great Grace to go forward in life

  1. Great grace brings insight, illumination and inspiration.
  2. Great grace embrace conquering grace for crossing unthinkable barriers and boundaries, overcoming the impossible barriers and rising above spiritual, scriptural and diabolic barriers.
  3. Great grace attracts relevant real helpers and people to your life and in the hour of trouble (1 Chro. 12:22, 28).
  4. It was great grace that moved Mordecai the Jew sitting at the gate (Esther 5:13) to Mordecai the great “For Mordecai was great in king’s house and his fame went out through all the provinces’’. For this Mordecai waxed greater and greater’’ (Esther 9:14, 10:1-3.)

You can go forward through Great Grace. Grace is God’s willingness to use His power on your behalf, even when you don’t deserve it. Therefore, receive the great Grace to Go forward in life. Your life will never go backward. Forward ever. Nothing is strong to stop you when you are working in dominion through Grace.



  1. O Lord, empower me with great grace to go forward.
  2. O Lord, help me to be progressively successful in every area of my life.
  3. Heavenly Father, give me total victory over every force that wants to draw me backward.
  4. Heavenly Father, grant me Your great grace which is the key to marvellous success.
  5. O Lord, cause me to experience supernatural progress in my life journey.
  6. O Lord, cause me to advance in every area of life through Your great grace.
  7. O Lord, empower me to push through all the barriers and odds that are standing on my way to progress.
  8. O Lord, help me never to make advance in wrong path of life.
  9. Heavenly Father, by Your great grace, cause me to rise above all spiritual, scriptural and diabolic barriers (Deut. 28:3, Matt.11:5, Ruth 4:14-17).
  10. O Lord, by Your great grace, I cross all unthinkable barriers and boundaries on my way to going forward.
  11. Father, help me to enjoy Your great grace that attracts relevant and real helpers to life at all times.
  12. Father, help me to Go forward in life.
  13. O Lord, by Your great grace You moved Mordecai the Jew sitting at the gate to become Mordecai the great, so move me forward and cause me to wax greater and greater.
  14. Lord, grant me Your great grace to go forward in Jesus name.

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