#GOFAMINTDailyDevotion Wed. 2/12/2015


UNIT 1: His Early Judaism Life (Lessons 1-2)


LESSON 1      6/12/2015



Suggested Hymns: G.H.B. 258, 259

Devotional Reading: Prov. 22:1-8

Topic For Adults: Give Your Child A Good Foundation

Topic For Youths: Your Foundation Is Important

Topic For Intermediates: Listen To The Voice Of The Elders

Scripture Lesson: Acts 4:13, 22:3, 5:34, 18:3, Phil. 3:7-8; Phil. 3:5, Acts 21:39, Phil. 3:20; Gal. 1:4, Phil. 3:4-6, Acts 23:6, Acts 6:9


Memory verse: “… and was zealous toward God as you all are today (Acts 22:3c) NKJV



Wed. 2/12/2015

Children, Obey Your Parents

Eph. 6:1-4

Children are expected to obey their parents in all things as this is well pleasing to the Lord. Yes, we must obey everything our parents tell us to do and not to do – even if it seems unpleasant. (Of course, Paul is assuming that your parents would not ask you to do something that is contrary to God’s will, or stop you from performing your spiritual responsibilities to God). Paul further states that there is a beneficial reason why we should obey our Dads and Moms – there is a promised blessing from God for this. Many young people find themselves in trouble because they were disobedient and rebellious towards their parents’ counsel and guidance. There are many adults who are facing terrible problems in life … carrying much guilt, pain, and sorrow because they didn’t take heed to their parents’ instruction and discipline while they were young. Obey your parents, you will make them glad and your future will be so much more joyful and successful.

Point of Emphasis:   Make your parents proud and glad. You will never regret it.

Prayer Point:   Lord, give our children and youths hearts of obedience to their parents and to your instructions.

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